Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BB/SB 2012 Highlights

Attention NKYA family's
  1. Practice nights and times will be selected by the head coach at our next coaches meeting on March 24th
  2. Team rosters will be given to all head coaches on March 24th. Coaches will be expected to call all players within one week from this date.
  3. Practice will start the first week of April (weather permitting)
  4. Games will start the 1st week of May (weather permitting) and will last through the end of June
  5. All tournament games along with NKYA family fun day will be held in the middle of July, date has not be selected yet.
  6. Check out The Website for all important news, dates and upcoming NKYA Family nights!!
  • Richardson Road - Primary
  • Summit View -U-9 and up
  • Sterling Staggs-(pending) practice field
Thanks to all
BB/SB Admin Team