Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 NKYA Baseball/Softball Tournament Brackets and Final Regular Season Standings


Below are the links to each postseason tournament bracket.  Within each bracket are the final standings which were generated from the scorecards turned in after each game.

In the case of a tie, we used head-to-head competition as the first tie-breaker.  If the head-to-head still resulted in a tie, we went to total runs on the season.

The tournament will begin the week of the 9th for both baseball divisions and the week of the 16th for both softball divisions.  All championship games will be played on the 21st at Lincoln Ridge Park.  Good luck to all the teams.

2012 9U Baseball Tournament Bracket - updated 7/6

2012 9U Softball Tournament Bracket - updated 7/13

2012 Upper Division Baseball Tournament Bracket

2012 Upper Division Softball Tournament Bracket