Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Indoor Season Calendar

The Fall Indoor session of Soccer will begin on October 27th and end on December 23rd.  We'll take off the weekend of November 24th, which is right after Thanksgiving.

NKYA 3v3 Indoor Tournament in December.  Warm-up/Pick-up game session for players new to the format on evening of December 20th.  Tournament on December 29th and 30th.  (dates for this event may change dependent on participation levels.)

The Winter Indoor session will begin on January 19th and end on March 9th.

The Spring Indoor session will begin on March 23rd and end on May 25th with the weekends of April 6th and April 13th off due to Spring Break.


  1. When does registration for winter session open and what is the final registration date?

  2. Sorry for the delay, we normally turn the comments section off on posts.

    Winter Registration has been extended to January 12th. Please contact for more information. Thanks!

  3. If we have enough players to field our own team, how do we ensure this happens so all of the team stays together?