Friday, February 22, 2013

Less than 1 week left to register......

2013 Baseball and Softball Season

Registrations period is Jan 15th - March 16th
The cut off date for the divisions below is January 1st (birth date)
U-5 T-ball (ages 3&4) coed
U-7 Coach Pitch (ages 5&6) coed
U-9 SB Machine pitch (ages 7&8) 
U-9 BB Modified kid pitch (ages 7&8)
U-11 SB Modified kid pitch (ages 9&10)
U-11 BB Kid Pitch (ages 9&10)
U-14 SB kid Pitch (ages 11-13)
U-14 BB Kid Pitch (ages 11-13)

T-ball & Coach Pitch  is $65.00
U-9 thru U-14 is $85.00

NKYA offers an 8 to 10 game season for all divisions, plus a tournament for u9 and up.
We do allow those players within 1 year of the next division to 'play up' in the next division.         
Just follow the Registration link to register online, or to print off the form and mail it in.